Whats Sweeter Than Candy

revenge1 So I just recently got into this show and I’m glad I did! By the first episode I was hooked! For those of you who don’t know what it is about keep reading: A young woman returns to the Hamptons to exact revenge on the people who destroyed her life. They say there’s nothing sweeter than revenge but that while you’re digging graves, you might as well dig one for yourself. Thanks to Netflix and Hulu Plus I got caught up on both seasons and a little birdie told me that there will be a season 3 later this year.
This show is so GOOD! It had lies, sex, violence, humor, and of course those WTF moments that we love! If all it takes is one episode then you know its a good show. Shout out to the writers, producers and cast!

Meet Emily: emilyrevenge

She wants revenge and she will stop at nothing! I call her my bad B***H! Don’t mess with her when she wants something believe me she’ll get it done. Who does she want revenge for? Her father! framed for something he didn’t do and murdered while serving time. his daughter was suffering at the hands of the betrayers.


Emily, Conrad, Nolan, Victoria, Jack, Declan, Charlotte, Daniel and Ashley

Secrets, betrayals and lies all of them at least have that in common. I’ll let you see for yourself just know my favorite people are: Emily, Nolan, Jack, Declan, Charlotte and I even like Daniel. Maybe its because he’s cute! I just have a sweet spot for him!

revenge4 Now I’m not going to say that there’s mind blowing sex but people are still getting it! Just look at the picture. There will be shockers! Trust me my mouth was open like Whaaaaaaat? a lot!

So which team do you think you’ll be on?
TeamDaniel or TeamJack Im just going to tell you I didn’t even choose a team, I just couldn’t and I still cant even after season 2!


Then you have Declan and Nolan: I love my little scrawny porter boy! As for Nolan it took me a couple episodes but I eventually loved him. He is so sarcastic and so easily scared but hey everybody cant be as tough as Emily.

Well I guess that’s all for my rant! If you haven’t watched this already you better GET YOUR LIFE!!

(BTW all photos are from good ole GOOGLE and I do not own them)


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