Syfy Mondays

So one day late at night I was browsing through the channels and I came across two shows that became my favorites! Being human and Lost girl:


Being human: It was the end of season one and it was the episode where Sally was hollering for Aiden.(I know I know she’s always hollering for him) so let me be more specific, she was asleep then all of a sudden she wakes up and she’s floating in the air. Now im thinking what the hell is this? so I continue to watch and im like ok ok this is interesting. Im just weird like that. Aiden is HOT, sally is loosing her pretty little mind and Josh is hilarious without even trying to be! Thank God syfy had a marathon because it was the end of the season and I needed to be caught up and so I did!

Lost girl: Now this came on straight after and it was a season premiere. I didn’t have to catch up at all!! I was instantly hooked on this as well. Bo is a sex symbol to these men, Kenzie is freakin hilarious and I love her!! Dyson is a hot as alpha dog! Trick is secretive but cool, and Hale is the funny side kick. The guy who gets the ugly girl (as he says). I recognized him from the Disney movie seventeen again with tia and tamera mowry. Then you have the leader of the light side The ASH and the leader of the dark side THE MORRIGAN aka QUEEN BITCH! I remember her as the baby mama of Jake from One Tree Hill… she plays a good bitch I see!

anyway… now every Monday that syfy has a season I’m there faithfully! You’ll catch me on getglue and twitter posting about each episode. If haven’t watched these shows before and you’re into weird paranormal, science fiction shit then once again you need to GET YOUR LIFE!

TV Show website:


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