I wanted to do a post about one of my favorite series: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer…… One day I saw a commercial about her books and it caught my interest. But I didn’t see all of it and it took forever for it to come back on so I had to do a YouTube research and BAM there it was! Then one day at Wal-Mart BAM again there they were:


Now what initially drew me in was the BLODROSE commercial and that is the third book in the series.

HOT right? I know! Had me like Whew! What is this!? And it was Incredible!! LOVED IT and then I saw that she had a pre-quel to the series and of course I had to see what that was about and I did!


I’ve read Rift and I have Rise but I haven’t read it yet BUT I will and I don’t know about you guys but I would love to see this series on Tv! It would be perfect for the CW channel

COMING SOON: snakeroot

Check these books out and visit the Author’s website:


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