Private Message

Upcoming author Danielle Torella has been working on her first book and she has finally revealed the cover today for us but before I show you the cover here’s what her book is about:

Tess has never had sex. Believe it or not, she’s never had a decent kiss.

The aspiring Seattle painter and photographer is still recovering from the trauma of being beaten and nearly raped at a rock show nearly three years before. So she keeps life simple: she goes to school, goes to work in a coffee shop, goes home, goes on living.

But then Ben’s naked body crashes—almost literally—through Tess’s wall against the world.

Ben is doing his dad’s art-teacher girlfriend a favor when he agrees to pose nude for her drawing class. But what he draws is the interest of the irresistible punk-looking girl—and it’s interest he reciprocates, with interest.

Their sexual chemistry is too much to resist. But it’s when they have their clothes on that their heat quickly slips on ice. Ben’s womanizing history is one thing, but it’s history of another kind—related to that fateful night at the rock show—that threatens to tear the young lovers apart forever.

She’s a smibookclub member and I cant wait to read this!!!! now for the reveal of the cover *Drum Roll Please*


Amaaaaaazing isn’t it? I freakin love it! It’s beautiful and sexy. The colors are perfect and the model is none other than JOE MARVULLO! Can you say jealous!? Wonderful Job Girl!

Add this to your TBR list NOW!!

AND like her Facebook page:


2 thoughts on “Private Message”

  1. Reblogged this on Chi Chi's Corner and commented:
    I CANNOT wait until her book finally comes out. I fell in love with the cover the moment I saw it. The colors are beautiful and the cover models look amazing. The cover is sexy without being too much. Just perfect.

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