Pieces of Truth


piecesoftruth In the sequel to Pieces of Lies, we follow Norah and Clint to New York, the playground for the Lappell and Big Joe.

From the outside, everything looks great for Norah and Clint. They have a new apartment, new jobs, a new life. Everything looks perfect… or is it?
Leaving Morewell was a big step for the couple, but for Norah, she moved with the knowledge that there could be more secrets Clint could be keeping, more deception that could bring her whole world crashing down. She took the step knowing the truth would be lurking in the shadows, waiting for her to find it. Will the truth find Norah or will she find the truth?

In this story, relationships will be tested, old feelings will surface, secrets will be revealed and emotions will run high. By the end, Norah will have chosen her love, but at what price?

Let me just say that in book one I was TeamClint and I STILL AM!! The ending had me scared for book two and with good reason!! Angela you killed me with this one but it was 5 well deserved stars because this was a major page turner for me.

Norah was turnt up from the beginning I mean it was all good but we find out that Samuel has been sending her gifts and causing problems in Norah’s and Clint’s relationship. Now if you’ve read pieces of lies then you know Clint don’t play that shit! Clint is SEXY AS HELL when he’s angry I love it! 😉 So they argue and he leaves for work and where does Norah go?? Her ass goes Straight to JOSH!! can you say WTF?? next thing I know she’s getting all hot and bothered and seeing him way way differently than before and I’m like oh hell no bitch! Are you serious? You gonna cheat on Clint? Take yo ass home and fuck Clint!!


AND that pissed me off!! Then she had the nerve to leave, call Clint like it’s an emergency to go home so she can GET IT ON! And that’s exactly what she does Up against the door where anybody can hear and JOSH did! Of course he would show up and shit! They talk about the note Samuel left for her in book one about Clint not being who she thought he was and i’m like ugggggh!
The story would go back and forward from the past to the present and you know what they say:


Fast forward: Sooooo Norah breaks up with Clint after finding out the “Truth” (ANGELA YOU BROKE MY HEART) and where does Norah go? You guessed it JOSH! smh I swear Norah pissed me off in this book!


When I say Norah likes rough sex, I mean it! She likes it HARD and these two were fucking countless times and I had to put the book down to tend to my bleeding heart! I mean you just broke up with Clint and you’re fucking Josh all over his damn place!!?

I didn’t want to give away everything but just know I NEED A BOOK THREE and I NEED NORAH BACK WITH CLINT, though I doubt it’ll happen. Not to mention the book is called Pieces of Truth but she didn’t get the whole Truth she only got PIECES!! TeamClint TeamClint TeamClint Team Fucking Clint!! I don’t care what he’s done I love that man and I need my heart repaired!



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