Excerpt – Nina’s POV

C. Michelle

latest Nina“Are you trying to get me liquored up and take advantage of me for a second time?” I giggle. “Well, since I am thirsty, your ploy might just work. I’ll have a beer.”

“If I recall correctly, you took advantage of me. Being the good law-abiding citizen that I am, I was driving at 65mph focused on the road. You used your seduction powers that no human being in their right mind can resist. I was at your mercy to do as you pleased. Now, it’s my turn.” Josh’s nervousness instantly vanishes. He gives me a predatory and lustful grin as he approaches me. Instantly, I feel tiny next to his tall and muscular body.

“I’m not strategizing on getting you into bed. I don’t need to. You’ll do it willingly and enjoy every minute of it. In the meantime, take off your clothes or I can do it for you…

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