Feeling Death

BOOK RECOMMENDATION AND RANT: Ok so I normally post reviews only on Goodreads, Amazon and for the book club site Smibookclub but If I really enjoyed a book then I have to rant about it here! With that being said, how do you know that I really loved a book? Easy

*I immediately add them on Goodreads, twitter, Facebook and check to see if they have a blog!
*I fangirl about it so much and become like a cheerleader or something for the author and will read anything else by them
*My review is long as hell and I submit pictures and collages and last but not least, I recommend it to everyone!

***Genre – Erotic Paranormal Romance

Samantha Bevans is having the best sex of her life—but it’s not with her husband. Fortunately for her marriage, the affair is all in her mind. Isn’t it? As an empath, she senses other people’s emotions. But her connection to the man with the the chiseled face and haunting eyes seems so real.

There’s no time for fantasies with a serial killer loose in Pittsburgh. The killer is targeting dancers at a strip club where Samantha used to bartend, back when drugs were the only cure for the torment of her abilities. As a member of a special task force, Samantha uses her talents to sense the victims’ final thoughts. Just when she thought the case was complex enough, she discovers one of the victims was thinking about her fantasy man when she died.

Who can Samantha trust when she can’t trust her own mind? An empath feels the emotional environment around her…and Samantha is surrounded by death.

Feeling-Death Wow! I did not know what to expect …. the first few pages had me going WTF like is she serious!? I found myself very confused and talk about a mind-fuck!! If anybody saw my face while reading this it was probably all twisted up! The first half was confusing but I couldn’t put it down then I started understanding a bit more and going ohhh I think I know what’s happening… I think!….. by the second half it was all coming together and I started understanding the characters more. Because the first half was so damn confusing, I couldn’t really get into the sex but that changed in the second half. Then things started getting hot & steamy, funny and I started liking both Nixon and Austin. I mean Austin is dangerous and sexy as hell!! Look up the word Temptation and a photo of him will be underneath! Nixon, I really like him. How can you not though? The ending was a bit… well I feel like I didn’t really get any closure, and I still don’t understand why HE killed HIS girl(No spoilers). I CAN NOT wait to read the rest of this series, I know its going be another mind-blowing experience and I look forward to it. Did I mention how much I love the cover? Mysteriously hot! Phenomenal job D.T!


Check out her blog: http://dtdyllin.com/
and add this book to your TBR list and READ IT: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16151531-feeling-death


D.T Dyllin
D.T Dyllin


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