First Two Chapters – Pinned Up

C. Michelle

Chapter 1 – Sock Bun

     Today was particularly exhausting. Out of all days, why did this photo shoot have to feel so tiresome? I need to remind myself I’ve been a nonstop force the past few weeks and exhaustion has finally taken over. I usually enjoy getting dolled up in retro clothing and making slight attempts to resemble iconic pin-up models, Betty (Bettie) Page and Marilyn Monroe. I’m a big admirer of the forties and fifties, I regularly turn to these eras for fashion inspiration. This afternoon, my heart just wasn’t in the poses I took nor did I bask in the pleasure of getting prepped up to look like a sensual, yet sophisticated vixen. The shots were all about extraordinary prestige, I posed next to a 1947 Bentley Franay Mark VI Cabriolet. The black vintage collectible with white interior is considered one of the most desirable Rolls-Royce/Bentleys of…

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