Cover Reveals and Teasers

Are you familiar with books by Jessica Sorensen? If not you need to get your life! I ‘ve read books like The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden, The secret of Ella and Micha, Ember and  three of  The Fallen Star series! I cant wait to finish the series and read the bother books from the other two series. Hell I’ll read anything by her she’s become one of my favorite authors!

I have two cover reveals and teasers from her blog:

Fractured Souls by Jessica Sorensen ebooksm      Please excuse the errors! This isn’t from the edited version.

**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content. Also, if your a die hard Alex fan, you might want to stay away from this one too 😉

You don’t have to do it,” I whisper at the sight of the pain in his eyes. “If you don’t want to.”
He doesn’t say anything as he shifts his body forward in his seat, bending his back inward, moving closer to me. My chest heaves ravenously as anticipation and fear collide inside me and I turn inward to bring myself closer to him. He maintains my gaze as he cups his hand on the bottom of my neck, softly, yet at the same time with purpose. I wonder if he can feel my rapid pulse. If he can smell the scent of my blood racing through my body. What he’s thinking. I wonder a lot of things, until he leans in so close I can feel the heat of his breath caressing my skin, then all thoughts are lost as a silence blankets my body.
“Just breathe and try to relax,” he whispers, the pupils in his eyes expanding and taking over all of the blue in his eyes. His lips part, his breathing sharpens, and his pointed fangs descend.
My mind tells me that I should be afraid, but my body won’t have any part of it, the prickle on the back of my neck stabbing wildly, releasing an abundance of emotions. I lean into his touch, his hand tightens around the bottom of my neck, and my knees press into his. I know Draven is watching us, like a weirdo, but I block him out, and focus on my breathing. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.
Laylen’s head slants to the side, so he’s moving in toward my neck at an angle. When he’s only inches away, his tongue slips out and slides across his lips, moistening them and skimming along the tips of his fangs. I feel a tremor in his fingertips and I reach forward and grasp onto his legs.
I hold my breath as his lips graze my neckline and then squeeze my eyes shut as his fangs pierce my vein.
It’s far more intense than just the scrape. Blindingly intense. Body-altering intense. I fall so fast into the dark I can’t even remember what the light looks like. I hear myself groan, but it barely sounds like me, and an invisible connection seals the inside of my body and guides me forward, forcing me to arch my back and press my chest against his.
Laylen’s fingertips stab into my neck and I can feel the skin bruising, but the pain only enhances the experience as he feeds on my blood, sucking it out of me and putting it inside him. My hands clamp down on his legs as I whimper, my body going limp as all the energy is drained out of me.
Laylen pauses, the tug from him sucking momentarily ceasing. He groans and I think he’s going to stop, even though my mind is screaming at him to continue. But then he bites down harder and suddenly I’m being laid back toward the table. The edge of it cuts into the center of my back and I cry out as he slides me up and lies me down on the table, lining his body with mine as he sucks on my neck, spilling blood all over my skin and clothes. My hands wind around his back and I stab my nails into his shoulder blades, grasping onto him be-cause I can barely see anything anymore beside a red. Blood red. I can smell it, taste it myself, and it’s driving me crazy. It feels like I need something more, like my body is being starved.
“Laylen,” I manage to choke out, my head drifting to the side as my legs fall open. His body responds, curving inward and rubbing up against me. His fangs sink deeper, plunging into the arch of my neck. Then suddenly he’s pulling away and I think it’s over as he wipes the blood off his face with his hand and licks it off his lips with his tongue. I don’t want him to be done. I want more—need it. I’m not sure where the sensation is stemming from, what drives it, but regardless I fasten my legs around his waist and cross my ankles tightly around him.

Fractured Souls (Shattered Promises, #2) Teaser!

Here’s a little teaser from Fractured Souls (Shattered Promises, #2) set to come out at the end of the month. Please excuse the errors as it’s from the unedited version. Also, I’ll have more teasers coming up from other stories soon 🙂
Enjoy! **Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content**

His lips smash together as he deliberates something. Then he steps forward, toward me, taking me off guard as he lines his body with mine and I have no choice but to back up against the door. Fireworks of heat erupt through my body as he pins my shoulders between his arms, his hands resting beside my head.
“Gemma, I don’t want to fight with you,” he says. “I didn’t… I didn’t work to save you only so we could sit here and argue with each other.”
His sincerity perplexes me because he’s not much of a sincere type of guy. My eyes drift to his head at the dissolving black spot, the brand of his supposed good deed.
“Did it hurt?” I ask. “When it bounced back on you?”
He rolls his tongue in his mouth, looking like he’s trying not to laugh. “Not too bad, but I’m good at handling pain.”
“What about the non-pain part of it?” With each breath I take, my chest crushes against his.
He shakes his head and his forehead brushes against mine. We’re that close, almost pressing against each other, but there’s still a sliver of air between us, a boundary we need at the moment.
“There was no non-pain part of it,” he explains. “It didn’t do anything but give me a really, really bad fu**ing headache.”
I hate this; this drive toward him. The invisible pull that I still don’t understand. The overwhelming need to touch him, rip his clothes off, bite his lip, scratch his skin, feel his rock-hard body.
My fingertips dare to go to the place my mind is heading, drifting to the top of his jeans, then skimming underneath the fabric. I feel him tense and I tense too. I’m about to go there and what really surprises me is how bad I want to do it, want to touch him. I can tell he wants to touch me too, his lips dipping closer to mine as we breathe frantically together. My back arches forward and my chest presses against his, my body and mind wanting more—needing more. I feel starved from something, but I’m having a hard time placing what.
“Jesus… Gemma…”He lets out a throaty groan and his eyes start to shut as my hand travels lower. My other hand wanders up the front of him, resting on the top of his heart, crushed between our bodies. I can feel it pounding in his chest, racing almost as fast as mine. Our lips brush, the connection sparking, and he lets out another groan, this time louder. Suddenly, I remember that there’s a six-foot four, blue-eyed, blond haired, sexy vampire hiding under my bed. Sh**. I lean back, pulling my hands out of the top of his jeans.
“Where’s Aislin and Laylen?” I ask, breathless.
He blinks and the emotion drains from his expression. Holding my gaze, he pushes back from the door. “Downstairs I think.”
And just like that the tension and desire melt into a puddle below our feet.
Cinder X ebooklg    Cinder X (Death Collectors, #2) Cover and blurb!
Until Asher Morgan came along, nineteen-year old Ember’s life had always been about death. Being around Asher, though, and being able to be near him and touch him, changed her and made her feel alive for the very first time. But now he’s gone and she’s left dealing with her seclusion again, the emptiness of not being able to be touched, and the curse of the Grim Angel.As a battle breaks out between Angels and Reapers, she desperately searches for answers about who she is, where she came from, and what she needs to stop the battle. But things get complicated when Cameron returns to her life and begins messing with her thoughts and emotions.

Ember tries to hold onto her sanity while the line between life and death begins to blur. Lives are threatened and taken. Murder is everywhere. She needs to figure out what’s real, what’s an illusion, and who she really has feelings for before it’s too late.

**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content

This is gonna be GOOD! I’m excited and I need to read the rest of the Fallen Star series and more!

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