Forget Me Not

G’ day Mates! Guess who finally has the cover to her debut book? Jade fucking Goodmore!! I can not wait to read this!!




What happens when a first love is given a second chance?

Torn apart ten years previously, Michaela and Jesse’s lives couldn’t be more different. Jesse is enjoying huge success in New York after denying where he came from, while Michaela treasures the quiet life in their hometown, Starling.

Who they are may have changed but their love hasn’t.

A school reunion forces them to meet again, and after a passionate night together they can’t bear to be apart. Faced with problems, past and present, the pair try to pick up their relationship where they left off. But when Jesse has spent the last ten years running from his troubled past he finds the journey home, to his true love, harder than anything he has ever done. Michaela is rooted there by her son and her family, both of which present problems for Jesse, but after building a life in Starling off of her own determination and strength, Michaela isn’t willing to throw that away…for anyone.

After everything this couple have faced, is compromise the biggest test of all?


Ya’ll know this gonna be good right!? I just know it! Being a fellow SMIBookCluber we the best! 😉 and I know there’s gonna be STEAMY ASS SEXY TIME! (click the picture to add this to your TBR list on Goodreads)

laters baby


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