My review for Poppet and SMIBookClub On The Pravus & Neuri Series

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Last weekend I had a Poppet Weekend Read! I spent most of my weekend with Venix, Zauran, Sveta and Ryan! After reading I thought I should do some review postings and then Sunday evening, as if they read my mind, Juewelz contacted me asking if I would post a review for Poppet and of course I sais YES! But I didn’t wanna do just one I wanted to do them ALL! She’s become one of my favorite authors and I LOVE these series so why not? So, lets get into it…. By the way… I highly recommend these series rather you’re into paranormal or not!

-Laters, Akilah


Ratings: Seithe & Zauran 5 kisses- Venix, Sveta and Ryan 4 kisses

CHECK OUT MY REVIEW OF SEITHE (Book 1 of The Pravus Series) HERE

Venix (Book Two of The Pravus Series)

In an ancient battle between the neuri of Belgrade and the Vampyre, Zaria is caught in the middle, given the task of being The One. She is hopelessly drawn to Darise, Venix interferes with his own agenda, but then the neuri, Zauran becomes interested in her. It couldn’t be more complicated. It’s more than a vendetta, if Zauran can captivate Zaria he will effectively crush Venix’s final stand against his kind. Darise offers unconditional love, Venix offers enlightenment, Zauran offers rabid passion. throw in the rest of the family and you have mayhem. The lessons are strange, the supernatural men beyond intoxicating, in the end Zaria’s has to choose or lose them all.

And that’s exactly what happens! I didn’t really like Jowendrhan in book one but he started to grow on me. I just couldn’t help but like him. He’s an impulsive, egotistical idiot but I love him! All the brothers are funny and very sexy! I must warn you that you may be confused in the beginning but its okay keep calm and read on. It’ll start making sense and hopefully you’ll love it like I do! The question is which team will you be on TeamDarise, TeamVenix or TeamZauran! (P.S-I rooted for Darise.) **** stars

Zauran (Book Three in The Pravus Series):

Betrayal catapults Zaria back into Zauran’s life. Božena is a poisoned thorn in Zaria’s side and her world comes crashing down as violence, betrayal, kidnapping and death threaten to rip her from love. A king’s key is the only bridge between Zaria and happiness, and only Jowendrhan and Sveta know the secrets unraveling Belgrade. An ancient book blocks Zaria from knowing true light when she needs it most. The neuri world reels as the king returns and complicates all their lives, and the Slakax are revealed, endangered, and hunted.

Oh man where do I even begin with this one? This one starts off with a bang and ends with a bang, LITERALLY! Darise fucks up and Zaria, realizing the mistake she made goes straight to Zauran! Now I wasn’t a fan of Zauran especially after what he did in book two but at least he doesn’t go around kissing other women! I don’t like Bozena but of course Jowendrhan does. Darise is irresponsible, selfish, stupid and I hate him!! The ending was sooooo heartbreaking and I’m dead serious when I say that!

poppet1 poppet2

5 heartbreaking stars!! I needed a first-aid kit and alcohol. I wasn’t sure if I would recover but I put a bandage over my heart and I started The Neuri Series.

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Sveta (Book One in The Neuri Series):

The next phase of the Pravus series starts here, in the first book of the Neuri series. Sveta is madly in love with Bozena, but her past is intent on keeping them divided. Murders are piling up, the Slakax women are in danger, and in a bid to overcome Bozena’s pain, Sveta turns alpha. Venix, Jowendrhan, and Darise, go back on their promises, the demons interfere, and a hot, tall, blonde goddess walks out of the woods, dripping with blood, needing rescue from the uprising red faction who are leaving a bloodied trail leading to Phoebe and Bozena. No one knows who to trust, and the inevitable outcome is a brutal battle.

After reading Zauran I didn’t care for Sveta and I still didn’t like Bozena. I agree with Zaria about Bozena and she got on my damn nerves in this story. She’s broken and wont let go of the past and I’m like get it together and let this man love you dammit! I like Venix but he’s been acting a bit shaky and I’m wondering what’s going on with him. Of course Jowendrhan got his ass in trouble again! And im not sure about this new bloody, blonde chick. At first I thought it was a set up! I mean who the hell comes out of the damn woods looking “sexy” while dripping blood? I mean who can you trust? A battle is coming & these men fight dirty! **** stars

Ryan (Book Two in The Neuri Series):

Phoebe’s world stops turning, making life a daily challenge for Ryan. Just when hope enters the equation, a vampyre stranger is found spying on her, outside her bedroom window. Within hours the playing field changes, the rules forsaken. One man betrays, another attempts to save the day by taking on the adversary, and Phoebe is handed the key of kings. When all is lost, everything is gained.

I was anxious to read this. From book one I’ve loved Phoebe! She’s everything I like in a female character. She’s feisty, stubborn, doesn’t get intimidated and that mouth of hers I just looove! I’m not sure how I feel about Ryan I do know that he needs to find his own damn woman! So I’m 6% into the book and I’m smiling and my heart is pumping back to normal and I DO NOT CARE about her purpose! I just don’t!!! I feel just like Phoebe, I cant go on!!! But the repairs to my heart didn’t last long and in the end the wound re-opened and the blood just kept pouring and pouring and


and I was pissed!! I literally stalked off from where I was reading. It’s **** stars



Aisyx is The Third and final book in The Neuri Series. I have not yet read it but trust me when I say THAT I WILL ASAP! I need to know how this series ends and if my heart will forever be broken or not!

But before reading Aisyx I have to read three more books because events that happens in those books are mentioned in Aisyx so here is the reading order so that there’s no confusion (click title to add the book to goodreads):

Order Neuri Series

Pravus Series




Neuri Series



Arelstin’s lair



SMIBookClub received a ARC of Pravus & Neuri series from the author in exchange for an honest review


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