Going Under~ My Rant & Juewelz Goodreads Review

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00071]I read this book a few weeks ago and I LOVED IT! of course I didn’t realize how much I loved it until after I read and I got to thinking. I had originally given it 4 stars but after I realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I actually went back and read over my favorite parts I changed my rating to five stars! This touch on realistic shit I love reading things like that! And Oh-My-Vagina! I freakin LOOOOOVE Ryan!! I fell for him right at the first meeting! And gosh that video game scene will forever be in my head! 😛 S. Walden did an excellent job!! SPOILER ALERT!! Now in the ending of the book S. Walden said: “I struggled for some time with whether I wanted to include a letter at the end of this book explaining the rape scene in chapter 20. I understand that some readers will have a strong (even angry) reactions to Brooke’s orgasm, and decided it was necessary to explain my research on rape……” well you wont get any complaints from me! I don’t think anybody should be angry actually because what happened I believe is true and its not that hard to believe. Its like you might not want to get sick but your body gets sick! You may not want to be hungry but your body does (that’s why it growls) Its like your mind might not want to have sex. You didn’t plan on it and you may not want to have sex but your body has an opinion of its own! So you screaming no! in your head, heart and verbally through your mouth but your body will scream Yes! (ok that was my version) but DO YOUR RESEARCH people!! Again THANK YOU S. Walden!

Check out my girl Juewelz review on this book! I loved it!:


SMIBookClub’s review

May 29, 13
              5 of 5 stars


             Read from May 28 to 29, 2013


                      (This is a New Adult fiction book with mature themes. It contains graphic sex and language and an explicit description of sexual violence. Please take the content warning seriously.)
Wow what a disclaimer right? Well if you’re like me you don’t read book synopsis . You just look to your favorite reviewers and see what they think of a book and give it a go. Yup that’s how I ended up with Going Under on my kindle.
Not to compare books but to give you an idea Going Under is like Hopeless and the Breathing Series. It deals with REAL life . Nothing is sugar coated this is the part of the 5 o’clock news that you put on mute. The harsh reality.
So I was nervous going into Going Under because so many people kept saying they wanted to know my thoughts on it . I’m like, “oh boy.. how is this going to go.” Well it went pretty awesome! I started Going Under Wednesday night at 8pm and only planned to read for 2 hours. Well a couple hours later and it was 5am and I was done.. Yep pulled an all nighter with this one.
I LOVED this book ! It was so well written Author S.Walden goes on my list of being an amazing storyteller! Sure most people can write but to be a storyteller that’s an art. And damn S. Walden is a storytelling artist. I like to read and tweet as most of you know. I had no idea what everyone was so worried about. I was reading , laughing, squirming and swooning over weird Ryan!!
I ❤ RYAN!!! AWW Perfect name for this tour!!! Ok calm down.. so nope this story isn’t all heart and flowers thank goodness! It’s realistic, heart drenching and pulling! Did I say thank goodness? Well at about 70% I was in my room shedding tears and saying NO! Yep the bomb was dropped and exactly what everyone was telling me would happen..happened. As said this book deals with rape. So you already know what’s going to happen, but the amazing storyteller that S. Walden is when it happens, even though you know its going to happen you are devastated!  I mean damn!
“I’m talking about the kind of indignity that changes you as a person, makes you withdraw, hide from the world because suddenly it’s turned into something frightening—full of dark corners and monsters.”
This story is so much more than the tragic events that happen. This story touches on guilt, loss, shame and the evolution of trust, hope and love. I can’t say it enough that the author does an AMAZING job. I have so many quotes and Oprah “aha” moments from reading this book. I rated this book a 5 simply because of the way it was excellently written. I will forever remember this story and the characters.

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