Raven and Rose Rosenberg

hello world! Are you there? Well I am…. I just finished watching a show I just got into called Nip-Tuck and I wanted to do a post so here we go:

The episode is called Raven and Rose Rosenberg. Its about this two twins who were born jointed and in this episode they are about to have surgery to separate! Now in the previous episode [SOILER ALERT] Christian and Sean had a fight, well actually Sean finds out that Christian and Julia (Sean’s wife) had sex 17 years ago and Matt is Christian’s son and NOT Sean! Sean throws a couple punches leaving Christian bleeding, and he wants him OUT of the business. Well He cancels all of their appointments except for The Rosenberg. They go to do the surgery and have to sleep in the same room at the hotel…. FAST FORWARD….. Christian and Sean does the surgery along with other surgeons. They take the twins apart and start on each. Sean has Rose and Christian had Raven. During separation Raven starts bleeding and she starts loosing too much and she doesn’t make it. Rose pressure starts dropping and Sean IS NOT having that! He’s going to save her… (NOW HERES THE PART I LIKE) see basically this episode is replica of Christian and Sean’s relationship. That they cant make it without the other. They need each other and that’s exactly how the twins are. Their mother tells Sean that when she told Rose that her sister was gone, her hand (That always twitched) stopped twitching and that’s when she realizes that a part of her died with her sister. She says she promised the girl’s that she would tell the doctors that if one didn’t make it the other didn’t want to either. But she couldn’t do it because she was being selfish. She finally pulled the plug (on the machines keeping her breathing) so that Rose can be with her sister like she wanted . The mother ask if they would put them back together like they wanted before I guess sending them to the morgue and they do. While doing so Sean admits to Christian that he is a better doctor because of him and that he needs him. He may bot forgive him but he realizes how much they really mean to each other and I don’t know that episode  just really…. I just really liked it and wanted to make a post so I did!

here’s two clips from the episode:


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