kotoryy prosto sdelal moy den

so as you know there’s this thing called MCM ManCrushMonday. or MCM ManCandyMonday and you post pictures of your crush, obsession, lover, whatever you wanna call it!….. and for today I posted a picture of Robert Christopher Riley an actor who’s been on

The Bourne Legacy


Single Ladies

White Collar

Nurse Jackie


Royal Pains

Law & Order Criminal Intent


For Better or Worst

The Spirit Game

and the new hit TV series on VH1 HIT THE FLOOR


anyway so like I said I posted a picture of him with his Instagram name and guess what? He actually commented back! So you know I was full on Fan Girling!! cause you know entertainers usually don’t respond its either they don’t know you or too many people are trying to talk at once and so I was shocked and ecstatic when he replied back… nothing long but still a reply!

He is my muse for something I’m working on and I just freakin love him!!




AND YES that is really him! Not a fake page!!

so that just completely made my day! I hate Mondays but that just made today great! …. that and an late ice cream bday gift hehe #dontjudgeme


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