Club Chapter – Gage’s POV

Remember… this is raw material. It’s my writing at it’s ugliest (LOL). It’s unedited, but enjoy it. 🙂HARVEY AS GAGE 7


The music was loud and the girls on the dance floor were really going at it..  “Give me three more!” I yelled at the bartender. I was nearly hammered. I wanted to drown out the dumbass argument I’d just had with Deed. He was pissed I didn’t want to stay in the VIP room with him. I mean, why the fuck would I? It was boring in there. I get he wanted me to be his wingman and all, but he needed to open up some. He needed to let loose a little bit.

“Gage, you’re so sexy,” Penelope said. She clung to my waist and used her other hand to glide it down my chest. I smiled down at her. I could tell she was drunk. Her eyes were glazed…

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