SMIBookClub Presents Paranormal Month


Hosted by Akilah a.k.a Head Vampire in Charge

Happy October guys! Are there any Paranormal lovers out there?

If so, get your creative hands ready for Paranormal Month!

This was originally for July but shit happens and besides October is better, why?

It’s the month dedicated to horror, vampires, witches and candy!

*Evil laughs* 🙂


Make a collage highlighting your favorite paranormal/urban fantasy author.The collages are being made to help promote the book or series . Make the collage something that would sell the book to someone who has never read or heard of the author/books before!

The collage needs to include:

  • Picture of author being highlighted (include their name too please)
  • Picture of you (be creative, you can make your image in a distortion form like Akilah’s below, a costume just some examples)
  • Character pictures, quotes from your favorite parts of the book.
  • Images must be uploaded to Instagram and or Pinterest using the hashtag #SMIBookClubParanormalMonth
  • Only 1 collage is required to enter but you can make as many as you want! All entries have to be entered by 10/30
  • If you are interested in participating comment below (make sure you leave your email address)

You guys usually make a really rockkin collages so I have a feeling this may be hard! …. Have fun, be creative and remember weird is the new sexy!  Don’t be scared 😉


  • $10 amazon gift card
  • eBook (gifted from amazon) books will be 1 ebook from the authors highlighted this month by Akilah for Paranormal Month

One winner will be picked on Halloween 10/31/13 and

announced after 11/1/13!

-Laters, Akilah


Connect with Akilah Twitter | Instagram

Did I mention Halloween is coming??? 😉




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