Team Eli or Team Torin

TeamELi OR   TeamTorin     Hmmmmmm if you don’t know what this mean that means you haven’t read this series and YOU HAVE NOT BEEN LIVING!! You also need to check out my review HERE   On top of that and the madness im experiencing waiting on the next series Stacey has been torturing me with things like these:

Eli POV Scene

Fire in the Darkness Extra


and last but definitely not least:


Little teaser from DOD!

“As Eli stepped up closer, I moved back into the bag, regaining the little space we had between us. A feral smile quirked up the side of his mouth. It sent shudders through me. Good or bad I didn’t quite know. There was something even more unstable about him since I returned. Like sanity was something he only dabbled in when he felt like it.”

–Dwellers Of Darkness


with that being said its no secret which team I am on…… but just in case…………………..



TEAM ELI *waits impatiently while being tortured for Dwellers of Darkness*


laters 😉


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