Dwellers of Darkness by Stacey Marie Brown Review


5 stars

Book Binge: Reading a book so addictive that you just have to finish it in one sitting!

Book Hangover: When you’ve finished a book and you suddenly return to the real world, but the real world feels incomplete or surreal because you’re still living in the world of the book.

Those definitions are very accurate when it comes to the Darkness series by Stacey! After reading book one I knew that this would become one of my favorite series! I love paranormal books and I love how creative authors get when writing one. Stacey has created this drug that I’ve become addicted to, the world of Dwellers and ELI DRAGEN!

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Now thank God for that Eli POV because I needed my Fix waiting on the next one, and now that I have read book 3 once AGAIN I am impatiently waiting on book 4 which, unfortunately is the last one the series 😦

Dwellers of Darkness picks up where Fire in the Darkness left off WARNING IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS SERIES AT ALL STOP AND GO READ IT NOW STARTING WITH BOOK ONE! Ember comes back from the Otherworld and is face to face with Eli. He thought she was dead and she has been gone from Earth for 3 years! 3 FREAKIN YEARS!! That’s a loooooong ass time! Its no wonder Eli went crazy! When she sees him she can tell that something is different about him. He even looks different, He’s still sexy as ever BUT more animalistic and for good reasons…. He’s pissed at her and an pissed off Eli is soooo damn HOT! *Thinks of where I can find an Eli in my life*      hmmmmmm ok ok anyway…..  Life has moved on but some things have NOT! For instance, Ember and Eli have this unbreakable connection. But there connection is so intense it can effect the people around them!

“Whine all you want……….. We’ve all had enough of this unrelenting asshole side of you. Coming from us that is saying a lot, Eli. Think about it.”

“Why do I deserve this?”

“Because you’re the problem and the solution.”

As for the sexual attraction, well of course that’s still there!

“Since you couldn’t even handle me, I’m thinking those girls got the short end of the stick. in more ways than one.”

“I seemed to remember handling you effortlessly, multiple times, can you say the same?”

“We girls are good at faking it.”

Girl please! There is no faking it with Eli!

But then there’s Torin, she still has this connection with them that just irks my nerves!!! Uggh I am so sick of him!

“You are my betrothed, Ember…………..”

 Eli’s eyes burned into me “You are betrothed to him?”

“When you told me we were attached, you weren’t just speaking metaphorically were you?”

Also, there’s Kennedy and the secret of her identity, The Seelie Queen of the Otherworld still holds the people Ember loves and cares about and she must save them! And lets not forget Lars. The Unseelie King who she still owes.

“How did you glamour me to come to you?”

“I didn’t use glamour but telekinesis. I can move your body against your will.” It felt like his gaze penetrated into my soul.

Everyone around Ember is harboring secrets especially her mom and Eli. “What is it with Fae not telling me the entire truth? I am so sick of this shit. Nothing is ever what it seems with you guys.”

which is true, and not everyone can be trusted! * I knew something was fishy about that traitor*

Ok so Eli and Ember came across my mind as I watching something a couple weeks ago.  Do you remember the movie 10 things I hate about you? I love that movie! And a couple years ago ABC family came out with a show called 10 things I hate about you that was based on the movie but more comical I guess you could say, in a way. I loved that show and I hate that it didn’t get picked up for more seasons. Now the two characters reminded me of Eli and Ember so much I knew that these next videos would be part of my review! They have this undeniable chemistry, that I love in a story, movie, TV show, etc etc…

Kat & Patrick/ Ember & Eli

You asked: Is this on the same level of action as one and two. Does it keep your interest? To much background history?

My answer: YES YES YES! Its most definitely on the same level of action that I love and hell to the yes it keeps my interest! and the background history is just enough! The only thing I ask for, for book 4 is for the sex scenes to be even more intense! so intense that I have to change panties! LOL! 😉 TeamNoShame TeamEli

Now lets just hope and pray to the book Gods that Stacey does not make us wait until next year for the next because I know for a fact that I can not wait that long! And Thank you for the acknowledgement at the end, I am grateful and honored to be apart of your street team! XOXO

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One thought on “Dwellers of Darkness by Stacey Marie Brown Review”

  1. Team no shame. I like it (: yes i agree more intense with the sex. And maybe you know a scene with after battle coverd in others blood sex scene could be good.

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