Kat &Patrick/ Ember & Eli Part 2

10 things i hate about you

Ok so as I said in my review Kat and Patrick are from the ABC Family series 10 things I hate about you, based from the movie! In the beginning its seem like hatred or discuss but at the same time there is this chemistry that is undeniable between the two, that made me think of Ember and Eli from Stacey Marie Brown’s Darkness series. In the beginning , Eli seems to hate Ember and Ember is drawn to him but its obvious that they are attracted to one another. Now I’m not saying the ember and Eli are exactly like Kat and Patrick but that connection that they have reminded me so much of one another that I had to include the videos I found in my review. Below are two more videos from the show that I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!                          TeamEli


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