From Burning Ashes (#4 in the Collectors Series)

First off let me just say I’ve been away from the book world for awhile now and while I’m not completely back (mainly because smibookclub is no more and too much is going on in my life to be committed to making blog post) I will always find time for authors that I love and support. They will always have a place on my blog before anyone else! Stacey Marie Brown is most definitely one of them. I will read anything from her fae (I wonder if she would like the Canadian TV show Lost Girl) , fantasy or whatever else she decides to write in the future. Her number 1 fan is right here!! Now I may have been late reading this series but I’m glad I did when I did because I finished right on time for the final book in the Collectors Series (which was set to be released today)  came a day early and of course I finished it in already dedicating my whole day to the book. Which was easy considering I was hooked from page one!

BTW Utopia is on its way June 22-26 2016 and none other than Stacey will be there. Nashville TN is only like 2 freaking hours away and I hate that my ass was under my dumb ass rock so long I just now found out and won’t be able to go. But one day I shall meet ALL of my favorite authors … I just wished I lives in a city where authors were bound to come cause no one ever comes here. Nashville is as close as people get. But if you’re able to attend click below to purchase tickets

Utopia 2016


I told myself when I received the newsletter about this early release I was not stopping until I was done!! I a couple hours later I’m done and Stacey did not disappoint with this series. Going into this book I thought zoey is a cat with 9 lives but sometimes even a cat can’t continually cheat death. From burning ashes had me in a trance all day I hung onto every page. But at times it knew some things as if I just knew what Stacey had in mind for this last installment. I had three to five I knew it moments but I still enjoy this book and the series overall and I will definitely miss these characters.. The Avenging Angel, The monkey, the pirate and of course the sexy viking.






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