Doomsday Love (MMA & Second Chance Romance) by Shanora Williams


  When we were ten, he treated me like a friend

Drake didn’t mind getting to know me. He’d always listened and he’d always ask questions…but only about me. He never spoke of himself- not as much as I wanted him to. whenever I asked something about him, he’d be afraid to answer. Whenever I kept asking about his bruises, he wouldn’t respond. He’d changed the subject. ………..

When we were eighteen , he wanted nothing to do with me

               “Look, girl,” Drake snapped, stomping on the brakes as he reached another stoplight. “Just stop asking me questions. I’m not your friend. I’m not someone that will open up to you, no matter how much you bat your big brown eyes at me. I’m only giving you a ride home because you were clearly freaking the fuck out back there on that cliff. I don’t know what the fuck you were freaking the fuck out for, but you don’t see me pestering you, asking you a million and one personal questions about it.”

And now that we are twenty-two, he longs to claim every single inch of me.

        Fuck her boyfriend. Fuck her denial.

        She’s in my hands tonight, whether she likes it or not.

He was wild-untamed.

And I, a reckless girl, who loved too hard. But what we had was special. I was his serenity and he my protector. Drake was consumed by my love but he also took advantage of it. He’d broken my heart-left me hanging for years.

He ruined us and now he’s back. He wants me and I want to hate him, I really do.

But who am I kidding? No one can deny Drake Davenport. You cant hide from the almighty Doomsday. Because he is a fighter and just like me he loves hard. He never loses and he will fight hard as he can if it means winning me back.

Normally Im not interested in MMA books because they tend to have the same storyline… Fucked up guy meets girl blah blah blah he is or becomes a fighter blah blah blah whatever whatever. And I’m just like yeah I’ll pass (if there are some that are not like that comment below please) but I knew with the author being Shanora Williams I could possibly like this and I definitely did.

My favorite part of this story is THE PAST… I really enjoyed that part. You’ll get a couple of laughs out of these characters. ( idk why but when Drake said “Look Girl….” that shit had me rolling. I’m laughing as I write this because it’s just hilarious to me. 😂😂

Anyway the story starts off in the past. So we can get to the beginning of Jenny and Drake relationship. I love stories that go back into the past instead of just making it into another book UNLESS it works with the series and we get more information out of it. Then we DaB into the present and that’s when I get excited cause I know shit is about to go down.. However it didn’t go as I expected but I guess that’s a good thing because you don’t want to be able to predict everything in the story. I guess I thought Jenny would fight harder against Drake and Drake’s wild side would turn the F up! I mean it did a little bit but not the way I thought especially for a fighter nonetheless I understand growth and my ratchet ass (I’m not really) just wanted some bloodshed or just more fight you know.

I definitely give Doomsday Love ✴✴✴✴ stars! It’s sexy, funny, entertaining and I would definitely like more from those spicy twins in the near future girl *cough cough * 😂😆

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