I Am Lioness-Dee Garcia / Truth Is- Michelle Mitchell

So Monday night I was scrolling through instagram and the girls over at kinkygirlsbookobsession posted a cover of a book from an upcoming author. The cover was so colorful and beautiful. It definitely caught my eye so I decided to read the caption to see what the book was about and it sparked my interest so much that I decided to research the author and found her social accounts. On Facebook after doing a bit more scrolling trying to figure out when the book would be available. I saw the PAGE that created her book cover. They did ammmazing. I absolutely love it. While scooping out the page I came across many beautiful book covers,  one in particular caught my eye instantly! Therefore I haaaaad to check out thatthat authors page as well. Needless to say I cannot wait until these books are available. So be on the lookout for a review! ⬇⬇

My name… Is Hazel Perry.

You however, can call me Lioness.

The Underground Cage has been my home for the last three years.

I live and breathe MMA -24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

That ring, is mine. I’m the Queen.

Fierce, untouchable, and undefeated.

The Pro League wants me, but I’m content right where I’m at. Maybe one day I’ll take the leap and

conquer it all. Who knows?

I’ve been asked how I willingly subject myself to such an intense, brutal career.

My answer… Because it feels good.

The rush, the high, how all other pain in your life numbs away into nothing. It’s made me stronger.

Every single stitch of pain I’ve experienced -both physically and emotionally- has made me stronger.

I’ve learned to protect myself, guard myself. I don’t trust easily and I never allow others to get too close.

Really, it’s for their own good.

Until Knox Carr.

A tower of steel, intricate tattoos, compelling blue eyes, and a killer smile that like every cliche possible, made me weak in the knees.

He turned my world right side up and showed me how to feel again. How to liveagain.

How to love again.

Through the bouts of separation and trials along the way,

will we make it out alive

Check out the author HERE

“The truth will set you free… or will it?”
On the very day she loses her job, Ansley Wright meets Davis Montclair, a man she finds irresistible. She falls easily for his handsome looks, smooth words, and silken touch.
Distracted by her feelings for Davis, Ansley ignores the warning bells going off in her head.

Davis is charming, seductive, and tantalizing; a well-dressed Adonis used to getting his way, but behind those alluring eyes is a man weighed down by the burden of a troubled past.
Although he genuinely cares for Ansley, Davis finds that old habits die-hard and himself on a familiar path. Just as Ansley and Davis settle into their blossoming relationship, sins from his past return like an old mistress out for revenge, igniting the flames of tragedy, which threaten to engulf them both.

Check out the author HERE



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