Review ~Passion & Venom x Shanora Williams 

First off Shanora, how you just gon end the book like that??? I needed More! I finished in one night and was like well damn that’s it? Soooooo how long do we have to wait before book 2? Lol

OK so remember when I said Shanora posted a teaser photo edit a couple of months ago? Well after seeing that I was like Yasssssss I’m reading this!!!! Then I found out it was a dark romance and I said aw hell!! But I actually liked this one. There are a few that doesn’t raise my blood pressure up and I was able to finish this.

PASSION or VENOM? which would you choose? I like to think I would choose passion but I could use a little bit of both.

You just married your husband and he’s murdered in front of you. The next thing you know you wake up to a nightmare and realize if you don’t survive you could be next! But what if you don’t care? You have no family, friends and the man you love is dead and the people that are responsible has you locked away and the only way to survive is to get “THE KING TO NOTICE YOU” and that’s exactly what she does! #Thuglife
Oh and can we talk about chapter 11… I had a feeling that was gonna go down but baby I had no idea how sexy it would be! Take a ride on the dark side why don’t ya Shanora 😉. Draco wasn’t playing any games!

Impatiently waits for book 2

                         4 🌟🌟🌟🌟 

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