Review~ I Am Lioness-Dee Garcia 

Ladies and gentlemen we have a knockout. I repeat its a K. O. ! 👊😜

Excuse me if I get a little distracted I’m catching up on the latest two episodes of The Vampire Diaries! 😈

In her debut novel Dee Garcia switches shit up and gives it to us the right way with I Am Lioness starring Hazel Perry! Yes this is all about the ladies! If I’m not mistaken this is the first book I’ve read where instead of the main guy being the one battling it out in the ring it’s a woman! And I love it! I typically shy away from boxing, MMA, wrestling all those types of books because they’re all the same to me. But if any of you remember me from smibookclub you know I was the go to girl to giving “unknown”  or new indie authors a chance and reading their masterpiece and always loving it and this time is no different. Dee Garcia did not disappoint! I absolutely enjoyed I am Lioness and I will definitely be reading more novels by her!

Hazel Perry has been through hell and back in her past but with the help of mentor and father figure /coach she was able to make it through to the gates of heaven.. She became a fighter and the Queen in the game winning the title every year since she started.
Then comes….. OMG this sybil bitch is really pissing me off!  Sorry anyway as I was saying.. Then comes Knox! He comes barreling into hazels life with his dazzling blue eyes and home girl cannot resist! Not that I blame her. He’s a man ladies 100%! If a man can put me in my place without disrespecting or harming me shiiiiiiit I’ll be ready to bend over on all fours to 😂😛

I caught her wrist between two fingers. “You’re playing with fire, Hazel.” She chuckled quietly. “I don’t just wanna play with it. I want to roll around in it, burn in it, suffocate in it.”

Stefan always has to play the hero dammit and Sybil must really want me to jump through this TV and drag her ass. I can’t deal!

Sorry got distracted again…. And OMG Rick is not playing with Damon right now! *clicks on next episode *

OK I’m back.. With so many threats inside the ring hazel never thought about the threat outside of the ring. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer or Hazel can just beat the shit out of you. 😂

I’m not sure if Dee plans to continue their story but if she does I’ll definitely be reading it. I feel like their story isn’t over so I’m sure we’ll get more Knox in the future or she can just ship him in a box and send him to my house as a Christmas present. I am single and will thoroughly… You know what that ain’t none of yalls business just go get the book it’s available on Amazon ⬇⬇⬇


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