Review : Truth Is ~Michelle Mitchell 

🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars 

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First off let me just say once again how much I love this book cover it is absolutely amazing! Something I definitely would have chosen. It jumps right out to you from the shelves screaming read me!!!!!! Which is why I wanted to read it before I even read the synopsis! Michelle I need an autographed copy girl lol

Truth is was amazing. I enjoyed it from beginning to the end! 

Ladies, have you ever met a man so damn fine that you couldn’t take your eyes off of him.. Not only that but you fall for his charms and before you know it he’s got you and you’re stuck in between Hell Yeah and Oh Hell!? Well that’s exactly what happens with Ansley Wright! 

After being fired from her job she’s determined to find another. Not only does she find one she finds Davis Montclair! So fine, so handsome, irresistible and clearly should come with a warning sign that says Beware : I will fuck your life up. Literally!! 

Ansley,  ignoring all the signs including the biggest one that was revealed first, gets in to deep! Then you have her friend Simeon Harris. I had mixed feelings about her since her jealous ass was acting salty because of her man troubles. I didn’t know whether to trust her or even like her! She was a bipolar mess and i was expecting so much shady dangerous shit from her. 

Luckily Ansley has Ryan and Lanae. I automatically liked them from the jump! But I’m not gonna lie I was low key rooting for Davis over Ryan in the beginning of course that quickly changed by chapter 6! Though I was conflicted because he seemed to be trying to get away from his past and start off fresh but as I turned each page I could see that it was easier said than done when it came to Davis! 

To make it a long story short you’ll love Davis in the beginning but will be rocking a Dump Davis shirt by the end unless you believe everything he says and believe in second chances. The only two cons with this book for me was I wanted the sex to be more detailed and I wanted to feel like I was in bed with them but I guess you can’t really call that a con obviously I’m just a big single freak who has read way to many Zane books 😂😂😂 don’t judge me plus I’m sure it was intended to be that way because that’s not what the story is about.. So the only con really is I felt like shit should have hit the fan and blood should have been shed well… More blood ✒✒✒😂 I felt like it was too much of a happy or semi happy ending. I guess what I’m trying to say is I expected a shoot out or something to go down some General hospital type shit or something 😂😂😂 I need help don’t judge me. 

 🌟🌟🌟🌟 star rating 

As I said i thoroughly enjoyed this story.. It was  something I needed to read. A bit of a break from what I’ve been reading when I have the time and I love discovering new authors especially African American. You have a new supporter Michelle and I look forward to the next one! 👍💙📚


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