Review: Venom & Ecstasy ~ Shanora Williams 

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🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars! 

You and your cliffhangers!!!!!! Whyyyyyy!!?? Just why!? I can’t deal! Where do you live? I just wanna talk 😂😂😂 

So we pick up where we left off in book one, Gianna chooses Venom over passion at the end of Passion & Venom after her incident. Lemme give you a quick run down… Basically Gianna  is kidnapped on her wedding day after watching her husband murdered. The man whos behind it all is Draco the man who was promised to her by her father before he died… Yeah so Gianna gets thrown into a cell with a stranger who advises her to get the king to notice you in order for her to live.. And that she did (you’ll have to read book one for the rest…. 

Fast-forward to book two so like I said we pick up where we left off from book one. Gianna is trying to cope with what happened to her while Draco is waiting for her to seek revenge.. The question is can she go through with it? Is she capable of murder and can she trust Draco? Actually its more like can Draco trust her?  

Speaking of Draco, we get to see a more softer side of him if that’s what you want to call it and definitely get to know more about him and his past especially his relationship with Gianna’s family. The relationship with her father and what he means by he was promised to her before Trigger Toni got in the way… 

Shanora did an excellent job with making it hard to tell who can be trusted and who can’t… I kept changing my mind throughout the book and when the person was revealed I was neither right or surprised. 

Now lets talk about this ecstasy? Maybe I missed something but I’m a little unsure about the meaning in relation to the book. Was it because of the sex? I mean I know what the word means but I ask because I didn’t see a difference in the sex besides Gianna welcoming it more. Other than that I enjoyed this one and cannot wait for the third and I believe the final in this series. I have got to see what Draco will do next after that crazy cliffhanger.. I fear for everyone’s life including Gianna! Come on Shanora get to writing I’m impatient 😂!!!! 

Quotes from my favorite scenes

You’re a freak, you’ve always wanted to try something with a woman. It was a fantasy, I could tell. That’s why you didn’t fight back. “

” I didn’t fight back because you threatened me. ” 


” Get undressed. “

” No. “

” What? “

” No, take me. Like this. “

” You’re filthy with his blood. “

” I know. That’s the point. “



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