X-394 : Dee Garcia Review 

She’s back! 

Yes! Dee Garcia is back with a second book! X-394 and you’ll definitely wanna read this! 

Falling for him was never the plan. I knew better.

But the heart wants what it wants.

Loyalties will crumble…

Secrets will come to light…

One destined to fall forever.

The clock is ticking, and as Daddy always says…

Time is of the essence.

Will love prevail?

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Feels Like I waited a year for this one! Of course I know why but I’m not gonna get into that! As much as I enjoyed this story I will say at first I was on the fence about my rating and the overall story. It was ok and then the main  character eden switch up too fast and so easy I wondered if she was really bad ass! Normally there’s way more confliction or maybe I just expected her heart to melt slowly instead of the ice breaking with ease! Maybe it was all the changes that had to made but I felt like it was more of a get to the point story and sometimes that’s good but with some stories you need just a little more before getting there! 

But as I continued reading I got more and more into it and made myself late for work because I didn’t wanna put it down! So my original 3 went up to a 3.5! And I overlooked that this was NOT a standalone and we will be getting a book 2 and I’m excited for it because I loved  Xander! He’s definitely a man I would go after! Honest,  loyal and damn good with the T&D! 😍😜

I have four favorite parts I’m this story : 

1. The first official meeting 🍸

2. The apology or the “stupid apology” 😏

3. Netflix & Chill 🍝🍴😏

4. And of course when shit hit the fan in the hotel room. Xander is sexy as hell when he’s mad! Definitely Eden’s match 😈😠

Can’t wait for the next one Dee! Keep up the good work. You’re definitely making a name for yourself as a new author! 👍☺

Check our the previous post for details on her giveaway but don’t forget to purchase X-394 on Amazon. It’s on sale for limited time! 

Until next time ✌❤


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